Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Willard Cuts Me Off at And Then There's Physics

[Update: Willard won't let me link to this post. BUILD A GATE!]
[Update: Just in case it's not clear, my first two comments were not deleted. My other comment would better be described as "snipped" rather than "not posted", so I FIFY.]

Anders's gatekeeper, Willard, has cut off a subtopic that I brought up in a post about consensus. He also says his next post will be on this very topic, which is CAGW. I'm looking forward to it.

This is the comment I posted:
The big, obvious, elephantine, taboo question, whenever someone is talking about “climate” and “consensus”, is:
Is this a consensus about whether AGW is happening (real or whatever) or is this a consensus about whether it is dangerous?
This is a very important distinction, and everything I ever read from konsensus types is always a big load of BS, blather meant to avoid, conflate or confuse this distinction!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Never Mind -- Well Maybe Not Never

In my last post, I wrote about a comment of mine that I thought might have been spoofed. After publishing it, I've had my mind jogged by something that reminded me of a comment that I do remember making. I was commenting on this post at the blog, And Then There's Physics, where I found a comment of mine that contained only a cryptic moderation note in brackets. I could not remember making a comment there and I found seeing my avatar, name and Gravatar link to be disconcerting. I tried to think of any comment I might of made there and came up blank. I even sent a note to WordPress on one of their contact pages.

Well looking through my browsing history, I came upon a link I remembered using in a comment. I now pretty much remember the whole comment and I do think I posted it in this spot. In this comment, I berated alarmists for not debating. I included the YouTube video of Gavin Schmidt running from Roy Spencer on John Stossel's show. I also had a link to a story about the head of Leonardo DeCaprio's foundation backing out of a debate with Alex Epstien. The cryptic moderation note ([Peddling --Willard]) even makes sense. Willard is probably a moderator and is accusing me of peddling something -- links that show debate being suppressed. I will have to say that having this comment cut is worth having a Canned Comments post.

I started a WordPress forum called "Comment Spoofing" and will put a link to this post on it. If I could find the WordPress contact page I used (I can't), I'd retract the claims I made in the message I sent them.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Am I Being Spoofed at ATTP?

Yesterday, I made a couple of comments at the blog, And Then There's Physics on this post. I made two comments very close together and then left to go do something else. When I went to check for responses later, I found this comment in between the ones I had made:

It has my name, avatar and links to my Gravatar profile just like my comments do. It appears to be some kind of moderator message. I only remember making two comments, but I suppose I could have forgotten about one and Willard could be a moderator who deleted it's contents, but I'm pretty sure I only made two comments.

Well, anyway, I went to one of WordPress's contact pages and sent off the following message with "Comment Spoofing" in the "WHAT'S THIS ABOUT?" field:

I found this comment that I did not make:
It has my name and avatar. It also links to my Gravatar profile just like my comments do.
The comment reads as follows (between the quote marks): "[Peddling. – Willard]"
It appears to show some kind of moderation message from a moderator.
Is this something that it is possible for another commenter to do or has my account been compromised?  Also I believe one of the moderators at this blog ( works for WordPress. She is the proprietor of this blog:

I'll see what happens.

[Update: I now think I did post a comment that was clipped. See my next post.]

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Satire Wants to be Free -- Parody Review Found

(click image to see full size)
As I noted in this post, an Amazon satirical review of Michael Mann's book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, had disappeared from Amazon. In a later post, I detailed how I found a summary of it on the Wayback Machine. Well, it took some doing, but I finally found a full copy of it here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Amazon Customer is back to Canman

All my Amazon reviews and comments appear to have reverted back from "Amazon Customer" to "Canman", so I suspect it was just squirrels. I just remembered another incident last summer where I found my reviews were unavailable. I went running to the library to see if they were available on their computers. They weren't! I got all excited and tried to find what other reviews were available. I don't even remember whether any others were or not. A short time later all of mine were back online.

Brandon Shollenberger's suggestion that his $9.99 mp3 cd version of his 99 cent ebook was a title mix up also seems plausible and likely. I'm probably reading too much Pointman.

List of Links:

Weirdness at Amazon

I write Amazon reviews of books on climate and comment on Amazon reviews of books on climate. In my Gravatar profile I have a link to my Amazon reviews. When I recently went to check on some of my comments, I found that my name had been changed from "Canman" to "Amazon Customer". Well, that's kind of irritating. I changed it back on my profile, but my comments were still from "Amazon Customer". They did have a little "change" button that leads back to a profile change page, but changing it for the comments in one review does not change it for comments in other reviews!