Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Amazon Customer is back to Canman

All my Amazon reviews and comments appear to have reverted back from "Amazon Customer" to "Canman", so I suspect it was just squirrels. I just remembered another incident last summer where I found my reviews were unavailable. I went running to the library to see if they were available on their computers. They weren't! I got all excited and tried to find what other reviews were available. I don't even remember whether any others were or not. A short time later all of mine were back online.

Brandon Shollenberger's suggestion that his $9.99 mp3 cd version of his 99 cent ebook was a title mix up also seems plausible and likely. I'm probably reading too much Pointman.

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Weirdness at Amazon

I write Amazon reviews of books on climate and comment on Amazon reviews of books on climate. In my Gravatar profile I have a link to my Amazon reviews. When I recently went to check on some of my comments, I found that my name had been changed from "Canman" to "Amazon Customer". Well, that's kind of irritating. I changed it back on my profile, but my comments were still from "Amazon Customer". They did have a little "change" button that leads back to a profile change page, but changing it for the comments in one review does not change it for comments in other reviews!