Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weirdness at Amazon

I write Amazon reviews of books on climate and comment on Amazon reviews of books on climate. In my Gravatar profile I have a link to my Amazon reviews. When I recently went to check on some of my comments, I found that my name had been changed from "Canman" to "Amazon Customer". Well, that's kind of irritating. I changed it back on my profile, but my comments were still from "Amazon Customer". They did have a little "change" button that leads back to a profile change page, but changing it for the comments in one review does not change it for comments in other reviews!

I suppose this could just be squirrels in the system, but a paranoid gene that runs in my family tells me it might be an internal effort to harass so called "deniers", with "denier" being defined as anyone who disagrees with important points such as, oh, I don't know, say, that Michael Mann is a Nobel prize winner.

I also notice that Amazon seems to have disappeared the edition of Michael Crichton's State of Fear that I reviewed. From the link, you'll wee that there is no mention of the product. I bought a hard cover copy of State of Fear at an estate sale. There appears to be a hard cover edition at Amazon with no reviews! The Wayback machine won't let me archive it. I see the same thing has happened to my review of James Garner's The Garner Files (hard cover edition from the library). Both no longer appear on list of profile reviews, but they do appear when I'm logged in. Also, my names been changed back to "Amazon Customer" -- arggg! Enough for now.

[Update: I found that Brandon Shollenberger's first 99 cent ebook has a $9.99 mp3 cd edition. On Twitter, he told me it's for an audio of Michael Mann's book, but he thinks it's probably a mistake at Amazon due to confusion with the title]

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