Sunday, June 11, 2017

Am I Being Spoofed at ATTP?

Yesterday, I made a couple of comments at the blog, And Then There's Physics on this post. I made two comments very close together and then left to go do something else. When I went to check for responses later, I found this comment in between the ones I had made:

It has my name, avatar and links to my Gravatar profile just like my comments do. It appears to be some kind of moderator message. I only remember making two comments, but I suppose I could have forgotten about one and Willard could be a moderator who deleted it's contents, but I'm pretty sure I only made two comments.

Well, anyway, I went to one of WordPress's contact pages and sent off the following message with "Comment Spoofing" in the "WHAT'S THIS ABOUT?" field:

I found this comment that I did not make:
It has my name and avatar. It also links to my Gravatar profile just like my comments do.
The comment reads as follows (between the quote marks): "[Peddling. – Willard]"
It appears to show some kind of moderation message from a moderator.
Is this something that it is possible for another commenter to do or has my account been compromised?  Also I believe one of the moderators at this blog ( works for WordPress. She is the proprietor of this blog:

I'll see what happens.

[Update: I now think I did post a comment that was clipped. See my next post.]

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