Monday, June 12, 2017

Never Mind -- Well Maybe Not Never

In my last post, I wrote about a comment of mine that I thought might have been spoofed. After publishing it, I've had my mind jogged by something that reminded me of a comment that I do remember making. I was commenting on this post at the blog, And Then There's Physics, where I found a comment of mine that contained only a cryptic moderation note in brackets. I could not remember making a comment there and I found seeing my avatar, name and Gravatar link to be disconcerting. I tried to think of any comment I might of made there and came up blank. I even sent a note to WordPress on one of their contact pages.

Well looking through my browsing history, I came upon a link I remembered using in a comment. I now pretty much remember the whole comment and I do think I posted it in this spot. In this comment, I berated alarmists for not debating. I included the YouTube video of Gavin Schmidt running from Roy Spencer on John Stossel's show. I also had a link to a story about the head of Leonardo DeCaprio's foundation backing out of a debate with Alex Epstien. The cryptic moderation note ([Peddling --Willard]) even makes sense. Willard is probably a moderator and is accusing me of peddling something -- links that show debate being suppressed. I will have to say that having this comment cut is worth having a Canned Comments post.

I started a WordPress forum called "Comment Spoofing" and will put a link to this post on it. If I could find the WordPress contact page I used (I can't), I'd retract the claims I made in the message I sent them.

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