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Satire Wants to be Free -- Parody Review Found

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As I noted in this post, an Amazon satirical review of Michael Mann's book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, had disappeared from Amazon. In a later post, I detailed how I found a summary of it on the Wayback Machine. Well, it took some doing, but I finally found a full copy of it here.

I've done a lot of clicking on Wayback Amazon links looking for this review without much luck. Amazon book pages have summaries of the latest reviews on the lower right margin and that's how I located the summary that I found. But that was about as far as I was able to get. All the links I tried would usually take me to the first page of most helpful reviews and that was it.

Well lately, I've been a little more motivated because of some flakiness at Amazon's site that I chronicled in these two posts. I don't know if it was just  squirrels or politically correct maliciousness by their workers, but it made me determined to put a little more effort into my quest. Every once in a while, pasting in links with no hits would ask if I would want to search a domain. This would usually give me two, three or four links with the same results I got before. Finally, I landed on this page, which got me a list of 16 links! I started at the bottom getting the same results until I got to the fifth (from the bottom) and there was the first page of most helpful two star reviews! This was the first time I'd ever seen anything other than helpful five stars and the Wayback bar on top said one capture. Just for the heck of it I clicked on the one star and got the first page of one star reviews, which included the parody review I was after and led to a fit of Tiger Woods fist pumping!

I'm glad this review was on the first page, because clicking on the 2cnd page link informs me that it is not archived. Thirteen out of forty-two people found it helpful. Clicking on the comments of the review (all these one stars have them) shows 0 of 0 comments as can be seen in my screen cap. The reason that I'd noticed that this review was missing in the first place was that I was checking to see if anyone had responded to a comment I had made on it as I detail in one of my previous posts.

Here's the text of the review:
COMRADES! Inform yourself with Earth-saving information!
ByJosh McMindeson November 15, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
COMRADES! Gather around this book, our heroic leader will dispense with important news that will educate you and help save the Earth! Our everlasting leader, Dr. Michael Mann, gives on-the-spot guidance to all scientists, of all war-hating nations, through His words of deep and incredible wisdom. Born on the lush slopes of the Greatest of Mountains, raised in the bosom of sincerity and wisdom, He has come to deliver the truth as only He can. As He speaks to us through the pages of this publication many doves, the birds of eternal peace, may flock above you as they did I, their wings fluttering with great effort in order to cool our over-heated planet. Sometimes His voice is that of a gentle breeze, like the summer waft of air off the Sea of Korea, and sometimes it is that of the Great Tiger, a roar that frightens our enemies and gives comfort to all seeking truth.
Yet you must beware, as there are many dangers ahead for you Comrade. Many, from their Capitalist perches overlooking their blood-soaked streets of their decaying cities, will dare raise questions of our Supreme and All Seeing Leader. Do not listen! They are the Deniers of All Things Truthful and Decent! They are the Destroyers of The World! So rejoice in The Truth. Embrace His words and ideas. And most importantly, do not Deny and Question! They are the tools of the darkness and deceit! The Light is shining on you fine Comrade, the Science is Settled, the Thinking is done and repetition is required, so what shall you do?
I thought it was pretty good satire. It might be kind of nasty, but then again, so is Mann.

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