Sunday, May 15, 2016

Anders Finally Cans One of My Comments

Well, I don't know if it was ANDthenthEReSphysics, but who ever the moderator was, he just wouldn't let this slip by:
I included Cwon14's quote because of how well it expresses the outrage a lot of people feel about the field. It is really unfortunate that this debate no longer appears to be available on the web. It exposes Trenberth as an example of science politization at its worst. I'm absolutely unsurprised that he signed the RICO letter. It looks like the chickens may be coming home to roost on that one.
"The politics comes in when right wingers make politically-motivated attacks on the science because they don’t like the policy implications. "
There's some truth in that, but there is also some truth in a sort of correlary [sic]that left wingers defend "The Science" because they like the policy implications. In fact they might even make politically-motivated attacks on science that refutes some of "The Science", such as papers by "McIntyre and McKitrick" or "lewis and Curry" or blog posts that show how incompetent and ethically challenged Stefan Lewandowsky and John Cook are.
[Update:  8 hours later I see my previous 2 comments are canned. More in a later post


Saturday, May 7, 2016

I Miss Don Monfort

The climate blogosphere is full of  interesting and quirky characters and one boisterous, prolific example  has lately gone absent. Don Monfort is  a big (6' 4"), rich (apparently from investments) Vietnam Veteran. He's been very active on the presidential discussion threads at Judith Curry's Climate Etc. touting Donald Trump. In Presidential Discussion Part 4 he got in some very heated arguments with commenter Dump Trump Now. Things got very nasty with macho challenges to meet at a prescribed place and time and legal threats. A lot of comments have been deleted. As of this writing, the Presidential Discussion threads are up to part seven and Monfort hasn't been seen since.