Friday, March 27, 2015

Chris Mooney Zaps Comments with Quotes and Links about Himself

It's probably understandable. Chris Mooney has a post up at the Post's Energy and Environment section about the just published response by Ruth Dixon and Jonathan Jones, to Steven Lewandowsky's crappy moon landing hoax paper. I tried to make the following comment:
A lot of respectable people, such as Tom Fuller, consider Lewandowsky a charlatan:
"I feel for Jose Duarte–I really do. He’s taking apart Lewandowky’s latest effort, which is not very difficult to do. Lewandowsky is not just a charlatan–he’s incompetent as well. But Duarte seems really surprised–almost shocked–at how low Lewandowsky can stoop to get his message through to the media."

Friday, March 20, 2015


I recently participated in an amazing comment thread at Skeptic Insight. It was in this post by Donald Prothero about the Willie Soon disclosure story. A commenter remarked on how modest the amounts were and I responded with a quote from Christopher Monckton from a Breitbart link, saying that they were even smaller than that. Then Greg Laden jumped in:
You are using co-conspirator Chrisopher Monckton cited on a major climate science denialist site to make a claim about Willie Soon’s “innocence”? Very funny.
Now Greg Laden is a rather bellicose CAGW proponent, who most climate skeptics and lukewarmers would consider big game. So I had a great time and even posted a comment at WUWT Tips & Notes. Prominent commenters, Tom Fuller, Smokey and Brad Keyes jumped in. Lots of fun! I suspect Fuller found this thread, because I linked to one of his posts. It's happened before.

Now on to the subject of snark.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is Naomi Oreskes Hot?

I recently found an opening at Rabett Run to make what I thought was a timely point by posting a comment that included delicate subject matter (at least to the PC bunnies). At Eli's blog, Judith Curry is often referred to by commenters as "Aunt Judy", which refers to a porn site (hmm, should I include a link?) featuring older women. Rajendra Pachauri has just had to step down as head of the IPCC due to charges of sexual harassment. In this post about the movie, Merchants of Doubt, a commenter included "I think Oreskes is kind of cute myself" in a comment. So I made this comment (with the previous commenter's name x'd out):

Donald Prothero Calls Judith Curry a Notorious Climate Denier

This thread follows an episode where I point out where Donald Prothero has called Judith Curry a notorious climate denier here.
Anyone who cites a notorious climate denier without the relevant credentials like Judith Curry does not deserve a detailed rebuttal to this pile of drivel.
Apparently, a bunch of Dr. Curry's readers decided to check out Skepticblog (archived here) and commented on another of  Prothero's posts here. Prothero soon deleted all these comments, but I had made a copy and posted them in the previously mentioned thread. You can follow the links and read the whole thing. There were 16 multi-paragraph comments with lots of links and I had to resort to posting 4 at a time. I appreciate Dr. Curry's letting me do this and she even let the single long list out of moderation. I started this blog so I wouldn't have to send other deleted comments to her blog to crash on her sofa.

First Experience with Comment Deletion at Skepticblog

There used to be a blog associated with the Skeptic Society called Skepticblog. It is archived here. They had a lot of posts on climate, mostly by paleontologist Donald Prothero. Most regular commenters there tended to tow the standard AGW line, along with Prothero. There was a very articulate commenter, with the handle markx, who just seemed to run circles around them. He didn't deny any basic AGW theory. He just challenged a lot of points and was very effective. On this post, I noticed one of my comments appearing in an odd place and that markx was getting mad and leaving. When I figured out what was happening, I started a discussion in the comment policy thread here. You can go to those two links and read the whole thing.

List of Links

Introductory Post

My Views on Climate and Energy

I'm very interested in climate change and energy issues. I started following them on blogs over half a decade ago. I have learned a lot and formulated opinions on climate science, energy, the politics involved, science in general and especially scientists.

I hold a lukewarmer position on climate change. It may turn out to be a big problem, but there is nothing urgent about it. "Climate emergency" is an oxymoron.

I find energy to be one of the most fascinating and important climate related topics. Unfortunately, I find people often have a lot of preconceptions about it that are detrimental to society. I think the most important source of energy for the future is nuclear power for reasons that are too elaborate to go into here. So called renewable sources such as solar and wind are not being critically evaluated.