Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Willard Cuts Me Off at And Then There's Physics

[Update: Willard won't let me link to this post. BUILD A GATE!]
[Update: Just in case it's not clear, my first two comments were not deleted. My other comment would better be described as "snipped" rather than "not posted", so I FIFY.]

Anders's gatekeeper, Willard, has cut off a subtopic that I brought up in a post about consensus. He also says his next post will be on this very topic, which is CAGW. I'm looking forward to it.

This is the comment I posted:
The big, obvious, elephantine, taboo question, whenever someone is talking about “climate” and “consensus”, is:
Is this a consensus about whether AGW is happening (real or whatever) or is this a consensus about whether it is dangerous?
This is a very important distinction, and everything I ever read from konsensus types is always a big load of BS, blather meant to avoid, conflate or confuse this distinction!