Sunday, May 15, 2016

Anders Finally Cans One of My Comments

Well, I don't know if it was ANDthenthEReSphysics, but who ever the moderator was, he just wouldn't let this slip by:
I included Cwon14's quote because of how well it expresses the outrage a lot of people feel about the field. It is really unfortunate that this debate no longer appears to be available on the web. It exposes Trenberth as an example of science politization at its worst. I'm absolutely unsurprised that he signed the RICO letter. It looks like the chickens may be coming home to roost on that one.
"The politics comes in when right wingers make politically-motivated attacks on the science because they don’t like the policy implications. "
There's some truth in that, but there is also some truth in a sort of correlary [sic]that left wingers defend "The Science" because they like the policy implications. In fact they might even make politically-motivated attacks on science that refutes some of "The Science", such as papers by "McIntyre and McKitrick" or "lewis and Curry" or blog posts that show how incompetent and ethically challenged Stefan Lewandowsky and John Cook are.
[Update:  8 hours later I see my previous 2 comments are canned. More in a later post


I've been having a lot of of fun lately arguing in a couple posts at ... and Then There's Physics. I've sort'f been wondering how long I'm gonna last there. I've been put in moderation before and always made it through. Finally, I've had a comment snipped. I have a feeling I might eventually get banned.

I know Anders banned Tom Fuller and I haven't seen Brad Keyes there lately. Fuller got mad at Anders  banning him and deleting his comments, which kind of disappointed me because Tom is one of my favorite climate bloggers. Brandon Shollenberger, who for some reason does not get along with Fuller at all, really savaged him for this. Brad Keyes also Commented on this:
“Does ATTP think temperatures were stable before humans began emitting CO2? Does he think that if we actually ceased emissions temperatures would no longer change?”
I wouldn’t put it past him. Ken Rice is an egregiously ignorant person.
Why did you ban him though, out of interest? I’m sure it was a good reason but from experience, I can’t imagine Rice’s comments doing any damage to anyone but himself, usually to the amusement of onlookers.
The link to Anders (actual name Ken Rice) is one of the funniest examples of comment pwning I've ever seen:
[Update:  For all the ignorant experts, I should probably add that Brad's definition was a takeoff on a famous quote by Richard Feynman:
Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts.


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  1. The expression "I'm not really interested" is aTTP's. In English it means that you have really annoyed him.