Monday, June 22, 2015


I read this post by Naomi Oreskes at and fired off this snarky comment:
Maybe delaying action is a good thing. Right now climate action consists of subsidizing a bunch of boondogles like shipping woodchips across the Atlantic to burn in power plants in the UK or filling the landscape with huge white elephants that give intermitent power with no credible prospects for storage. Advances in next generation nuclear plants could make them all superfluous. Lomborg has it right -- more research.
Prevent future authoritarianism? It looks to me like a ruse for loony, delusional, economics and engineering illiterate leftist to grab power.
It was put into moderation and removed. It was a bit hasty  and shrill and I could have checked the spelling a bit more. I don't like blowing a chance to be heard on a post by a major climate figure like Oreskes, so I thought I would make an apology and try again:

To Dr. Oreskes or whoever is moderating these comments, I want to apologize for being flippant and shrill in a previous comment. It was unwarranted and you were certainly justified in removing it, but I do think I have some valid points to make. Renewable energy sources are not being critically evaluated. Are there serious prospects for grid level storage? I think the prospects are better for next generation nuclear plants. Most of the people who want climate action now seem to have a bias against nuclear power.
This time a red box told me I was blocked. The comment policy had an email address to write to so I sent an email:

I recently made a comment on this article by naomi Oreskes:

Naomi Oreskes: The Hoax of Climate Denial |

It went into moderation and was removed. I made another comment apologizing for being flippant and shrill and found out that I was blocked. I wonder if I could be unblocked? I would also be curious to know if I was blocked by a moderator at your site or by Dr. Oreskes herself?

Thank you.

PS: Here is my Disqus profile:
They sent me a canned reply:
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about Moyers & Company. 
We value your input. It helps us understand the issues that are important to our viewers. 
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide personal responses to all those who write as the volume of emails makes that impossible. Please know we do read all of your emails and make every effort to answer specific questions. 
 I'm still blocked. There are only six comments right now with another one removed (without specifying who removed it). One comment is a response to the removed one. All these comments appear to be Oreskes fans. This suggests to me that writers like Oreskes have cloistered themselves in an echo chamber and can't deal with opposing views.


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